CES TS EPOS Software



WiProjects are focused on flexibility and innovation to ensure the delivery of highly effective wireless based solutions. The Wi-Waiter solution is an example of this and provides a secure and reliable PDA application, linking wirelessly to the CES Epos system. Wi-Waiter supports end to end processing of customer orders. This ensures customer service can be delivered effectively and efficiently without the need for the waiter to leave the table.

  • Wi-Waiter provides a fully functional solution for wireless PDAs and interfaces to the CES Epos system
  • Orders captured at the table on the PDA (Wi-Waiter system), and sent wirelessly to the required printer (e.g. bar or kitchen) and also update the CES Epos system
  • Supports end to end order processing e.g. ordering of Drinks, Starters, Main courses, Deserts etc
  • Automated, configurable prompts ensure all process steps are followed
  • Cash and cheque payments can also be processed at the table (credit card processing to be introduced in the future)
  • CES Epos System automatically updated from the PDA i.e. this is a real time update with no double entry
  • Menus maintainable to reflect the CES Epos system and the customers changing menu requirements
  • Allows waiter to remain at the tables focused on customer service
  • Security ensured via data encryption and password protection
  • Standard solution available, bespoke work support


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